株式会社デリフロールジャパン(以下、弊社)は、お客様から取得する個人情報につきましては、このプライバシーポリシーに基づいて、適切に取り扱うことを企業としての社会的責務であると認識し、 下記の各項目に基づいて個人情報を保護し、尊重いたします。
1. 取得する個人情報
2. 個人情報の利用目的
2-1. 電子メール、ダイレクトメールなどによる情報提供
2-2. 商品の発送
2-3. 商品開発
2-4. お客様との商談・打合せの実施、および連絡など
3. プライバシーポリシーの変更

privacy policy

Website Privacy Policy
At Deliflor Japan Co., Ltd. we take pride in how we handle information we collect from customers. Accordingly, we have a strict privacy policy that fulfills our social responsibility and pledge that your information is safe at all times as outlined below.
1. Acquisition of personal information
The acquisition of personal information is in accordance with applicable laws and fair practices. The information gathered is for the sole purpose of carrying out business activities within the scope of purpose and use necessary for the time the information was acquired. We as a company ensure the safety and security of stated information provided to us via this website and vow that no information collected will be shared with third parties.
Additionally, acquired personal information will be deleted with all due haste after it has fulfilled its use or if a personal request is made from the customer requesting for said information to be deleted.
2. Use of personal information
In order to assist with various inquiries and provided services certain information is collected from our customers.
2-1. Information collected from e-mail and direct mail
・This information concerns product suggestions, guidance related to our products, and other related issues (including the issuance of our catalogue and other related services.)
・Collected information concerning events and/or campaigns.
・Collected information concerning customer surveys and/or inquiries.
2-2. Delivery of Products
・Applicable purchase and/or shipment of such products.
・Including the delivered prizes or mementos of campaign contestants and/or campaign winners.
2-3. Product delivery
・Questionnaires and/or surveys concerning product delivery.
・Other such surveys to provide feedback on delivery and other customer feedback.
・Documents for statistics purposes.
・Data collection and analysis of questionnaires.
・Aid in the development of new products.
2-4. Concerning the improved relation and consultation with our customers.
・Maintaining records of our customers who come to visit our facilities and products.
・Information regarding the heads of business and contact information for our customers.
・Enforcement of entrusted duties with those connected to us.
3. Privacy Policy Updates
In order to comply with the most up to date iterations of law and applicable use of gathered personal information as concerned with such laws there will be updates to our privacy policy contents. In order to serve you best, please view this website for the most up to date privacy policy contents.